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We, at Heartland Hemp Coop, believe that agricultural producers should retain a larger percentage of their market dollar. We’re working together to build a fair and equitable market for our member-owners in an emerging industry.


In 2019, tales of broken contracts were prevalent throughout the fledgling hemp industry in Indiana. We were among the farmers left with barns full of baled hemp and no buyer. So we took matters into our own hands.


Because of that experience, we have developed a cooperative model that benefits the grower over the middleman. We are determined to make an impact by utilizing our collective bargaining power to negotiate better prices for our members - from procurement of inputs to hiring of labor. But we don’t plan to stop there. The core of our efforts is to own the processing equipment to provide a market ready product, eliminating the middle man, and keeping more of our dollars close to home.

Creating this infrastructure is no small task and it takes time. Our member-owners understand this and are committed to working together towards this goal. Building on our existing networks, we are developing markets for both raw and finished products.

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We own the equipment, giving us direct market access to increase returns for our members.

Shared Rescources

Better pricing on inputs: seeds, fertilizers, consulting, education, testing, transportation and more.

Shared Equity

Ownership in an emerging business with dividend potential.

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